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NZ Summerhills Dukkah:

Dukkah is a True & Stunning example of a Leopard Appaloosa

Dukkah NZ Nat Show

  • Dukkah Winning Intermediate Male Fancy Huacaya at the NZ National Show
  • Best Male Fancy at the NZ National Show
  • Premier Fancy Huacaya at the NZ National Show
  • Dukkah’s Fleece won the FINEST Huacaya Fleece at the International Alpaca Fleece Competition

    Dukkah Head Bus Cards 2 (2)

NZ Summerhill Leopard Warrior: – EXPORTED

Leopard Warrior is a stunning & True Leopard Appaloosa

Leopard Warrior at a few hours old

Leopard Warrior 12 mths old

NZ Summerhill Leopard Prince:

Leopard Prince is a True Leopard Appaloosa

Prince 4_2
Prince a few hours old

Prince Shorn small
NZ Summerhill Leopard Prince 15 mths old

NZ Summerhill Leopard King: – EXPORTED

Leopard King is a True Leopard Appaloosa

King 2 days old

NZ Summerhill Leopard King at 15 mths old

NZ Summerhills Leopard Master:

Leopard Master is a True Leopard Appaloosa

Leopard Master at 3 mths old

Leopard master Oz Nats Small
Leopard Master at the Australian National Show 2012

NZ Summerhill’s Speck Tacluar:

Speck Tacular is an Appaloosa

Speck Tacular 2
NZ Summerhills Speck Tacular 5 mths old

Speck at winchester
NZ Summerhills Speck Tacular 2 yrs old winning Premier at Winchester Show

NZ Summerhills Commando:

NZ Summerhills Commando is a true Leopard Appaloosa.

NZ Summerhills Commando at 2.5 years of age taking out Premier Fancy Huacaya at the
South Island Alpaca Colourbration Show 2011.

NZ Summerhills Commando fleece: MalvernShow- Premier Fancy Huacaya Fleece 2012

NZ Summerhills Commando winning Premier Fancy at Malvern Show 2012

NZ Summerhill Mr Choc Chip:

Mr Choc Chip is a True Leopard Appaloosa

NZ Summerhill Mr Choc Chip 5 hours old – Born 2/12/2009

NZ Summerhill Mr Choc Chip 6 months old

NZ Summerhill Mr Choc Chip winning his class at Malvern A & P Show 2012

NZ Summerhills Montage:

NZ Summerhills Montage is a True Leopard Appaloosa.
Montage has been the backbone of our Leopard Appaloosa Breeding Program.
Montage is a Fantastic Male and we owe him the world !!!!!

NZ Summerhills Montage

NZ Summerhills – Softfoot Mudgee CB:

Mudgee is a Stunning Appaloosa

Mudgee 1
Mudgee at 3 mths old

Mudgee 3 shorn
Mudgee after shearing heading into Aust Quarantine for New Zealand

Mudgee fleece
Mudgee’s stunning Fleece

NZ Summerhills EP Cambridge The Leopard:

The Leopard is just that a Leopard Appaloosa. He is co-owned with EP Cambridge & Canchones. The Leopard resides in Australia and is used in NZ Summerhills & NEO breeding program
The Leopard at AAA Show
The Leopard at the Australian National Show his very first show at 108 mths!!

The Leopard collage
The Leopard when he arrived at Taggerty to meet the girls..

Canchones NZ Summerhill Grey Knight ET:

Grey Knight was specially selected for the Leopard Appalossa Breeding program due to
his great genetics and his stunning spotty markings & beautiful fleece quality.

Grey Knight collage