Private Quarantine Facility

NZ Summerhill and NZ Black Magic Alpacas are proud to provide our clients with the FREE use of our private quarantine, which is located on our property.

Summerhill Quarantine Facility is only able to be used by clients who purchase from us directly, to ensure the animals are provided a first class and minimal stress environment.

Our facility is indoor / outdoor, with excellent ventilation, feed quality, space and cleanliness, to ensure your alpacas arrive calm and stress free.

All alpacas purchased from either NZ Summerhill or NZ Black Magic Alpacas, receive FREE quarantine on our farm in this first class facility. The purchaser only pays for the Vet, MPI required testing and any country of import tests (if required). (This quarantine will only run subject to export numbers)


Quarantine Facility


The next export to Europe & UK is leaving New Zealand on the 23rd October 2019. Alpacas need to be in quarantine by the 11th September so there is still time to choose your new breeding females and Stud males to make this export.

If you are interested in purchasing alpacas from either NZ Summerhill, NZ Mystic Grey Alpacas or NZ Black Magic Alpacas, please contact us today, so we are able to arrange the departure of the alpacas before the quarantine starts.