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European Alpaca Breeders - At long last NZ to EU export lane is opening again!

The next export is scheduled to arrive in Amsterdam on 28th March 2024 after departing New Zealand on 27th March.

If you are interested in purchasing alpacas from NZ Summerhill, please contact us today so we can include your selected alpacas in this next shipment before quarantine starts.

Check out our Exports page for the limited number still available to go on this export:

10 of our NZ Summerhill & NZ Mystic Grey alpacas will be departing our farm to travel to Shadow Wood Quarantine farm the week of 5th February.

Shadow Wood is a beautiful location where the alpacas spend 42 days in quarantine (double fenced paddocks with great handling facilities).  To the alpacas is just like being on a different farm and its close to Auckland airport for their departure to Amsterdam.  A groom travels with them to ensure all their needs are meet during their flight - better first class service than humans!

At this point in time there is no other EU export date  planned for 2024.