NZ Summerhill Leopard Paparatizzi – (SOLD)

Date of Birth: 29/12/2016

IAR: 1015920

Paddock Tag: Y134

Sex: Male

Colour: Leopard Appaloosa - Dark Brown / Medium Fawn / Light Fawn

Sire: NZ Summerhill Leopard Prince

Dam: NZ Summerhill Paris

Price: SOLD


Leopard Paparatizzi has only been shown once.

  • 2nd Intermediate Fancy Male – NZ National  Show 2018 (Amanda Van Den Bosch – USA)
  • Reserve Best Intermediate Fancy Male – NZ National Show 2018
  • 4th Junior Fancy Male Appaloosa Fleece – NZ National Show 2018 (Peter Kennedy – AUS)

NZ Summerhill Leopard Paparatizzi is a very true to type macho style male. He has a strong robust frame, with great coverage of beautiful coloured fleece. Leopard Paparatizzi has 5 different colours in his well organised, soft handling bright fleece. 

Leopard Paparatizzi is ready to start meeting the ladies, he developed very early in the testicle area which is excellent for passing onto his very fertile offspring. 

Leopard Paparatizzi has great genetics in his pedigree with his Great Grand Sire being ILR Ppperuvian Auzengate on his Sire’s side and Jolimont Warrior on his Dam’s Side. 

His Sire, NZ Summerhill Leopard Prince, is homozygous, which means that his offspring should all be leopard… his strike rate is 41 leopards / appaloosas out of 43 born. This increases all Leopard Prince’s male and female cria of producing great coloured leopards. 

Leopard Paparatizzi’s full family tree can be found here.

Leopard Paparatizzi is now sold. 

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