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North Canterbury
South Island
New Zealand

Phone: +64 21 277 0075

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Our Alpaca Farm is located in North Canterbury in New Zealand. It has spectacular 360 degree views from the Alps to the Ocean.

Leopard MasterWe are very passionate about ‘Spotty’ alpacas- in particular the Leopard Appaloosa. We have the largest herd of Leopard Appaloosa genetics in the world. We are now standing at stud 11 different male genetics and 26 different female genetics.

We fell in love with a “spotty” female, Miss Hokey Pokey in 2008. We really didn’t know what she was in terms of colour until we investigated further from overseas alpaca breeders. In 2009 the same dam and sire produced another leopard appaloosa female, which we also purchased.

We named her, Miss Cookies ‘n’ Cream. In 2010 the same dam & sire again produced another leopard appaloosa female which also joined our herd and her sisters.
Her name is Miss Spot On. The dam known as ‘Tip Top’ has since passed away so that line has now finished.

Miss Hokey Pokey & Miss Cookies ‘n’ Cream both produced Leopard Appaloosa male cria’s  in December 2011 & January 2012.

The Spot Gene has lived on with these Leopard girls being mated to one of our Leopard Appaloosa Stud Males Montage.

Our Stud Male Montage has produced 17 spotty cria from 23 matings. We now have double gene Leopards with both parents being Leopard Appaloosa’s. Montage has produced Leopard Appaloosa cria with numerous solid coloured females which is very exciting for our breeding program.

We have numerous Leopard Appaloosa stud males from different genetic lines, which we will do selective matings to our 25 Leopard Appaloosa & Appaloosa females to hopefully produce lots of spots.

Our Goal is to bring the Leopard Appaloosa & Appaloosa Alpacas to the forefront of the alpaca industry in New Zealand, as they are internationally.